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I am a lawyer. I am married to a lawyer. I am the friend of hundreds of lawyers and hold thousands more in great regard. If you're a lawyer (or love them), welcome. I invite you to share your thoughts and ideas in this space.

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Resilience To Inevitable “Failure”

In recent weeks I have been working with some successful older lawyers on their rainmaking skills. We have been making plans together – who do you know, how do you call them, what can you offer them (often not just … Continue reading

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Returning Calls – No Excuses

When I visit my podiatrist, he and I often talk about his friends and family, many of whom are lawyers.  Although my podiatrist is a fine doctor, I have no real knowledge about how he compares to others.  I do … Continue reading

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Career Implications of Scorched Earth

In a recently published ACCA booklet concerning litigation preparation, Mark Terman and his partners at Drinker Biddle recommend that civil litigants and their lawyers early on develop an overall attitude and stance regarding each litigation. They suggest there be an … Continue reading

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Do You Really Want to be a Rainmaker?

It is sometimes a legitimate choice not to be a rainmaker. Some reasons are practical: not enough time, you have an academic or government job or work at a corporation that seems like it will be around for a while. … Continue reading

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Should a lawyer feel embarrassed about being ambitious? Like intelligence, ambition has no inherent moral qualities. However, unlike intelligence, ambition is not morally neutral. Ambition is a kind of a character trait, capable of enhancing or ruining every ambitious person’s … Continue reading

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Very Good Can Be Good Enough

Years ago I got off the phone with a friend who said she wanted to be married. I was doubtful. Being married is easy; it can happen in weeks. Just go to the right bar. I was sure my friend … Continue reading

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Skill, Concern, Respect and Awareness – You Need Not Love Your Clients.

A rainmaker at a boutique firm recently had me speak with his practice group about generic aspects of business cultivation.  Other than the lawyer who hired me, the lawyers with whom I spoke did not have substantial business.  Many of … Continue reading

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Building Your Support Team – Help from Unexpected Sources

I recently asked a sports reporter which team he had rooted for in an important game. He told me he wanted the team that had lost to have won because its players were consistently nicer to reporters. In sports, the … Continue reading

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