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Tattoo Removal

A cynical and successful business lawyer I know believes there are three universal questions within law firms: “Who’s boss?”, “How loyal are you?”, and “How long are you planning to stay with the firm?” Some might say that the mere … Continue reading

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When Women Negotiate — for Themselves

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Do You Need To Carry Your Firm?

Earlier this month I received a call from the sole rainmaker at a small firm. He was in professional turmoil. During the last few years he has brought in less business. He complained of exhaustion and was angry about single-handedly … Continue reading

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A Lesson For All From Dewey & LeBoeuf

As the media has reported extensively, Dewey & LeBoeuf made several serious management mistakes in recent years. The firm then made its situation worse by borrowing large sums, effectively (if not deliberately) concealing the results of those mistakes. It also … Continue reading

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Acquiring a Partner

Rainmaking lawyers need to decide (and sometimes decide again) whether they want to practice with partners. This is true regardless of whether one wants to acquire or shed partners. Near the start of a legal career, this decision is less … Continue reading

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How Is The Pie Cut?

In January law firm partnerships all over the country assign and distribute profits. Well-run firms have an understanding of how their pie is cut and what is valued within the firm. Still, it is a rare firm where someone does … Continue reading

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