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“Getting to Yes” – Roger Fisher Taught Us All

Roger Fisher, Professor of Law emeritus at Harvard Law School and Director of the Harvard Negotiation Project, died in late August, 2012 at the age of 90. Of high relevance to lawyers in all fields was Fisher’s ability to find … Continue reading

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Ambition Redux

In a conversation about competition vs. cooperation, an extremely successful friend of mine shared what his mentor had taught him about ambition. My friend’s mentor instructed, “Ambition is not knowing what you want and how to get it. Ambition is … Continue reading

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Do You Need To Carry Your Firm?

Earlier this month I received a call from the sole rainmaker at a small firm. He was in professional turmoil. During the last few years he has brought in less business. He complained of exhaustion and was angry about single-handedly … Continue reading

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A Lesson For All From Dewey & LeBoeuf

As the media has reported extensively, Dewey & LeBoeuf made several serious management mistakes in recent years. The firm then made its situation worse by borrowing large sums, effectively (if not deliberately) concealing the results of those mistakes. It also … Continue reading

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Business Development Takes Time. (Start Now.)

I was in Greece for eight days last month.  Lately Greece is a fitting place to think about employment concerns.  Knowing several political journalists, including one in Athens, I gleaned some big-picture economic insights.  But the person whose story most … Continue reading

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Insights from Jonah and the Whale

When Jonah got out of the whale, he did not go back for his hat. This past weekend The Book of Jonah was read for Yom Kippur services in synagogues around the world.  There are many lessons one can glean … Continue reading

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