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I am a lawyer. I am married to a lawyer. I am the friend of hundreds of lawyers and hold thousands more in great regard. If you're a lawyer (or love them), welcome. I invite you to share your thoughts and ideas in this space.

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Fast, Good, Cheap – Choose Two

I first heard this apparently well-known phrase about selecting lawyers a month ago when my friend Doug Levinson used it in describing how clients select lawyers.  The phrase struck me as inherently true, but also so cynical that it should mostly … Continue reading

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Routine, But Effective

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Spread Your Wings

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Knowing How To Make It Rain®

In bad economic times, knowing how to Make It Rain® is crucial. It separates the successful from the less successful. On August 6, 2012, I spoke with Cindy Rakowitz concerning best practices for rainmaking techniques and attitudes. That conversation is … Continue reading

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Career Implications of Scorched Earth

In a recently published ACCA booklet concerning litigation preparation, Mark Terman and his partners at Drinker Biddle recommend that civil litigants and their lawyers early on develop an overall attitude and stance regarding each litigation. They suggest there be an … Continue reading

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“I Didn’t Know You Did That.”

You never want to hear those words from a client. Within the last few weeks I met two lawyers who told me that one of their regular clients sent legal work elsewhere because the client did not know they could … Continue reading

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Writing Articles and Public Speaking

There is a lot of advice in the legal marketing world on the value of publishing and making presentations at conferences.  Lawyers often do get business from articles and speeches.  However, articles and speeches, by themselves, rarely produce prodigious results. … Continue reading

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You Have the Tool You Need to Retool

Practicing all but the most routine varieties of law requires flexibility. First year law students are taught, sub rosa, there is no such thing as a fact. Good lawyers can argue either side of a case or negotiate and draft … Continue reading

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