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Gratitude’s Benefits

With something akin to a view from a biplane, I recently witnessed legal work on a large transactional deal from several perspectives.  Over a number of weeks, a few lawyers I know called to discuss their work on the same … Continue reading

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How Is The Pie Cut?

In January law firm partnerships all over the country assign and distribute profits. Well-run firms have an understanding of how their pie is cut and what is valued within the firm. Still, it is a rare firm where someone does … Continue reading

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You Have the Tool You Need to Retool

Practicing all but the most routine varieties of law requires flexibility. First year law students are taught, sub rosa, there is no such thing as a fact. Good lawyers can argue either side of a case or negotiate and draft … Continue reading

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Night Thoughts of a Classical Lawyer, Reaching Beyond Ordinary Billing Arrangements*

* With thanks to Russell McCormmach’s “Night Thoughts of a Classical Physicist”. Since clients are receiving substantial discounts on legal commodity work (and outsourcing legal work is no longer a scandal), lawyers who understand enough to save their clients butts … Continue reading

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Teach What You Can, and Give Generously of Your Time.

A client who uses my consulting services called last week to share a success story. This lawyer is developing a new solo practice in two fields he has specialized in for a while. His challenge was to find buyers for … Continue reading

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Business Development Takes Time. (Start Now.)

I was in Greece for eight days last month.  Lately Greece is a fitting place to think about employment concerns.  Knowing several political journalists, including one in Athens, I gleaned some big-picture economic insights.  But the person whose story most … Continue reading

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Building Your Support Team – Help from Unexpected Sources

I recently asked a sports reporter which team he had rooted for in an important game. He told me he wanted the team that had lost to have won because its players were consistently nicer to reporters. In sports, the … Continue reading

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It Only Hurts When I Move

That is how a post-surgical lawyer recently described his pain to me.  It was funny, and we both laughed.  Of course it hurt; it was surgery. Lawyers are always moving, but often surprised when it hurts.  The best lawyers regularly … Continue reading

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Ever Notice How People’s Major Virtues Can Also be Their Major Faults?

Legal training creates rigorous, interesting minds. It creates professionals who are careful, nuanced and layered. Still, the characteristics many lawyers have that create precise and sometimes perfect solutions to their clients’ problems can hinder career development. The best lawyers could … Continue reading

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