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I am a lawyer. I am married to a lawyer. I am the friend of hundreds of lawyers and hold thousands more in great regard. If you're a lawyer (or love them), welcome. I invite you to share your thoughts and ideas in this space.

Ever Notice How People’s Major Virtues Can Also be Their Major Faults?

Legal training creates rigorous, interesting minds. It creates professionals who are careful, nuanced and layered. Still, the characteristics many lawyers have that create precise and sometimes perfect solutions to their clients’ problems can hinder career development.

The best lawyers could have “caution” as their middle name. Good lawyers may seem to act with impromptu bravery, but that energetic gusto is often based on hours, or days, of careful thought and punctilious reasoning. Experience also helps — lawyers age well.

Savvy risk taking helps lawyers get ahead within a law firm or company, run a successful solo practice, acquire and keep clients happy and live a professional life that flows into a personal life in a wider community where one can be appreciated for both legal acumen and lawyerly characteristics.

So don’t be afraid to be brave and smart, or to give and seek business advice when asked, and sometimes when not.

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