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It Only Hurts When I Move

That is how a post-surgical lawyer recently described his pain to me.  It was funny, and we both laughed.  Of course it hurt; it was surgery.

Lawyers are always moving, but often surprised when it hurts.  The best lawyers regularly leave their comfort zones, legally and entrepreneurially.  Transactions and litigations may be similar, but they are never identical.  Performance by rote is seldom fun.  It also has a bad track record.  Legal practice has wrinkles and moving parts.

On a different day, the same lawyer who joked about his surgical pain said, “I may not know much about the law, but I sure do know how to read.”  That is what good lawyers are about: seeing and learning nuances; being open to discovery and occasionally learning brand new things.

For many lawyers, the pursuit of clients is a brand new thing.  The chase is challenging, especially at first.  Even the best rainmakers do not get every client they pursue.  Knowing it is supposed to hurt somehow makes the pain more acceptable.  Lawyers seeking clients have a good year if ten to fifteen percent of what is pursued results in business.  Finding success in small things – the lunch a potential client lets you buy, the conference you realize you should attend – are ways to have it hurt less.  Business does not magically appear and keeping on keeping on is what it is all about.

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