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Issue: An estate litigator was deciding between joining a firm or starting his own; he’d done both before and was torn.

Result: A thriving new solo law practice.more/less

K.C. worked with him to crystallize his unique value to employers, while exploring the merits of starting his own firm. This brought an offer to join an esteemed firm, but her insights helped him realize that his true desire was to start his own. They jointly developed a business plan for his now thriving solo practice.
Issue: A boutique law firm struggled with business development and succession.
How and when could they exit profitably if only the key partner was making rain?
Result: A newly focused, immediately successful business development game plan, coupled with a profit-sharing formula for senior lawyers.more/less

K.C. helped them to pinpoint their business development to both strengthen existing relationships and form new ones. With an alliance partner, she also helped the firm develop a profit-sharing formula to ensure financial alignment and senior lawyer engagement.
Issue: A highly respected in-house Counsel lost his job in a political struggle.
What was his best next move?
Result: A surprisingly lucrative law firm career.more/less

While well-respected, this in-house lawyer had never developed business at a firm. K.C. helped him establish appropriate fees and determine whom to target. One of his successes? Outside counsel work—with his former employer.

Issue: A newer firm wanted to expand its Los Angeles presence—fast—by hiring established partners.

Result: Within three months, K.C. brought the firm two high impact partners who immediately added to the bottom line.more/less

K.C. scoured the market for the right partner fit: book of business, temperament and vision. She focused on respected lawyers from larger firms who would be excited by the prospect of bringing a lower rate structure (and new vitality) to their clients. She placed two partners who hit the deck running and contributed immediately to the firm’s bottom line.

Issue: A global high-end accessories company in New York needed a fearless in-house lawyer for trademark and patent work, which included closing down infringing manufacturers overseas.

Result: K.C. landed them an unconventional choice: the #2 lawyer from a luxury retailer with the savvy and no-nonsense attitude required.more/less

K.C. worked her network and introduced them to an unconventional choice: a hands-on internal lawyer from a U.S. luxury retailer. While lacking significant product infringement experience, the candidate’s diversified retailing background and sophisticated savvy proved the right match.