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I am a lawyer. I am married to a lawyer. I am the friend of hundreds of lawyers and hold thousands more in great regard. If you're a lawyer (or love them), welcome. I invite you to share your thoughts and ideas in this space.

Teach What You Can, and Give Generously of Your Time.

A client who uses my consulting services called last week to share a success story. This lawyer is developing a new solo practice in two fields he has specialized in for a while. His challenge was to find buyers for both of his new practices.

Rainmaking has to begin somewhere. This lawyer called someone he knows at a large financial institution who uses outside counsel for one of his specialties. He offered a free lecture to a group at the institution that hires such outside counsel.

The person with whom my client spoke realized that a number of professionals in a different division of the institution need both of my client’s legal specialization services for their customers.
My client was set up to speak to a group for which he is almost uniquely qualified. He gave a talk regarding the legal work involved with the intersection of his two specialties.

Because both fields and their intersection are subjects my client knows well, the work he needed to do to prepare his talk was not arduous. The lecture was extremely well attended. The room was energized, and so was the presenting lawyer.

A number of the professionals at the lecture now use this lawyer, not only for his interstices work but also for some of their more typical needs. As a result of being able to say he has this well-known institution as a client, this lawyer picked up two more corporate clients.

The worst thing that would have happened is that the lawyer who generously offered his time and insights would have been known to many additional individuals who may need his legal services. The best thing is that they would start to call soon, and they have!

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